HAM Radio Antenna custom designed for Airstream.

This antenna had been installed on our Airstream by a previous owner.

I understand it is a Hustler 4BTV. 10, 15, 20, 40m.

Too many toys....getting too old....something has to go to a younger HAM who would make good use of it....

This is the channel that is bolted onto the back of the Airstream.  It is secured at the bottom to the frame supporting the bumper.

This is the top end of the bar.  It is a larger diameter and will not fit through the open side of the 2" channel.

This is the handle and hollow base of the bar. AThe hollow base fits on the pin to
stabilize the antenna in the upright position.

Here is the channel bolted to the frame at the rear bumper.

this is the pin that the hollow base of the bar fits on.

here are pics of segments of the antenna.

Note that just below the top element there are three flexible strips.  One is bent in

alignment with the mast.  This is necessary because when the mast is lowered for travelling, It is impossible to have the third strip perpendicular to the mast.  I don't know

how much of an effect it has on reception/transmission.

This is the top forward area of the mast support.  the 4 holes are for attaching the


This pic tells it all. 'A' is the rod with the  handle for lifting the mast to a vertical position.

'B' is the female receiver which is bolted with u-bolts to the Hustler 4BTV.

'C' is the hinge that would be bolted to the mast support in the previous picture.

If you have any questions,, send to <ThePackardMan@gmail.com>

Thanks for looking