1929/1930? Chevy Paddywagon.....

Meet 'Mariah'......She is an eye-catcher at every show!

Some history....

Mariah was fabricated by a company in Canada which had 1000 cars that they rented to movie companies.  When we acquired Mariah we were told she was in the movie 'Chicago'.

Apparently Mariah started out as a 1930? Chevrolet automobile and modified to be a Chicago PaddyWagon, then morphed into a WW I ambulance and painted white.  To look like a WW I vehicle, the Ford Model 'T' fenders and windshield were installed along with one 1912 and one 1913 Cadillac headlight, and bumpers from some period car or truck.


Mariah has new tires and tubes. 

Paddy Wagon



This view of the engine clearly shows an alternator installed in place of the old generator.

For ease of starting, the system was converted to 12v.  Are the headlights 12v? I don't really know because I have never attempted to drive Mariah at night.

New plugs, points, condenser, cap, and wires have been installed.

The starter was rebuilt.

An electric fuel pump is also installed, and a master power switch.

Below you can see the engine serial number.

Below is the casting number on the crankcase

Here you see the front of the Model 'T' fender.

This appears to be the original radiator and shell....

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P.S. The prisoner with ball and chain insists on staying with Mariah .

P.P.S. Here's a pic of Mariah at the 2010 Houston Autorama

Here is a pic of Mariah at the Houston Concours, Keels & Wheels 2011.

Mariah runs,....marginally... but I do not consider her 'roadworthy'.  I know the front kingpins and brakes need to be restored, but don't know what else might need attention.

No leaks in the cooling system.

There is a fabricated instrument panel, but none of the instruments work. 

Remember, Mariah was made to be a movie car for short clips at slow speed.

We have driven her up and down our community street many times...but never out on the highway.

If you are looking a fun car that will definitely get attention....Mariah is IT!!!!  You CERTAINLY will not have any competition in category!!!!!

more pictures..........

the above picture shows the seat and wire mesh .

It has a double back door.

The more recent black paint is peeling and you can see the white underneat from when it was a WW I ambulance.

In the upper  right is the master battery switch which I installed.

The instruments are for display only....not functional.

The choke knob above the speedometer does work, also the knob in the lower right adjusts the distributer.

the ignition key in the lower center is functional

Since this was built for a movie, apparently just for exterior views, no benches were

built for the prisoners.

The back of Mariah is just an empty box.

Note the little trap door in the lower left.  This provides access to the gas tank.

Because the box is heavy, coil springs were installed to support the weight.


It is 92" high, 66wide and 175 long.

We are not sure what other lives Mariah has lived, but start thinking 'out of the box'....like what new life YOU can give her.....

How about...

a, open up the side....put a few bales of straw in the back and take kids for a hay ride...

b, open the sides and make a farmer's produce truck....

c, paint her RED or white and put a bed in the back for an ambulance

d, Open the side, install bars...take the prisoner's suit off...make it into a circus truck....you will be the hit of the 4th of July parade.

There are endless possibilities to have fun with Mariah......


Please ask questions......