The following articles are believed to be authentic and not reproductions:

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4. Japanese Silk Flag.....SOLD!!!!






German Dress Coat

This German coat appears to be wool and in very good condition.
There are a couple tiny moth holes and the sleeves appear to be let out about an inch.
There is no size tag, but a couple of measurements are:
Down the back from the top of the collar.....33"
Across the chest when buttoned.....25"
Ask me if you need other measurements.
I do not know the exact vintage, but it was in a collection that was mostly from the WW II era.

The back of the buttons have a diamond with O&C inside, and the name 'OVERHOFF & CO'

German Dress Coat

  German swastika Flag......SOLD!!!!!

On the canvas edge of this flag is printed in red letters 'Bonner fahnenfabrik, Bunn'.





Two machine gun supports. One is more complete than the other.

It is my understanding that one is for the MG42 and one for the MG34.

Both supports are available .

Make Offer!

These are boxes of two clips of bullets.

I do not have a license to sell live ammunition, but might consider an offer for the box without the ammunition.



I have a couple of these lead lined boxes....unfortunately the lids are not complete...

Will accept an offer for the box plus shipping.



I have no idea what these three items are...but they were found in the bottom of a box...

The top right piece does fit into the top left piece..





This item is a pair of leather saddle bags.  I believe they were used on motorcycles; I recall seeing a photo of a German motorcycle with them .  They have no markings.


This is a book about the German Air Aces by Toliver and Constable.  It is signed by 13 pilots.